iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus for Scrivener iOS?

Dear Keith/Scrivener Team,

looking out enormously to Scrivener 3, and enjoying Scrivener 2 and Scrivener iOS every day! Thanks again for that.

A question: I’m now on an older iPhone 6, but I only use Scrivener iOS on my iPad because I don’t have enough storage to work on my Scrivener projects on the iPhone. I want to buy a new iPhone soon, so one of the things I have been wondering:

How will Scrivener iOS behave on the iPhone X versus on the iPhone 8 Plus?
From what I gather (silverdrag0n.wordpress.com/2017 … ivenerapp/) the Plus iPhone gives some room to special layouts on a Plus-sized Phone. But an X is somewhere in between 4.7 and 5.5 inch phone, because it has a different aspect ratio.
Will Scrivener’s iOS behavior on the X be closer to the regular iPhone than the Plus, or vice versa?

Thank you,


Hmm, I was actually planning on getting an iPhone X myself, partly because I have the excuse of needing to test on it, but also partly because I was hoping that it would have the extra room of the iPhone Plus and so be able to show Scrivener’s binder when oriented horizontally. After all, the iPhone X has more space horizontally than the iPhone Plus. However, it seems that this won’t be possible on the iPhone X after all, disappointingly. Here are Apple’s guidelines for the dimensions available on all its phones:

developer.apple.com/ios/human-i … nd-layout/

The relevant information is under “Device Size Classes”.

If a device has “Regular Width”, then it can show an expanded layout (the binder on the left). If it has “Compact Width”, then it can only show a single view at a time. You’ll not that in landscape orientation, the iPhone Plus has “Regular width, Compact height” (allowing the binder and editor to be shown at the same time), but the iPhone X has “Compact width, Compact” height. So despite the extra screen space, it seems that the iPhone X cannot show any more than a regular iPhone. Which is actually giving me second thoughts about buying one - my assumption that it would be able to show as much as the iPhone Plus but in a smaller phone was the main draw for me. It seems a bit odd that they haven’t allowed that.

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Thanks for the response, Keith. What you say is more or less the same as what I have been reading/hearing about on forums (I’m not a developer - but I’ve read that with all the safe zones, it’s not that much more usable area than a 4.7 phone). Thanks for that link, it made it a lot more visual and easy to understand for a non-developer like me.

I guess I’ll have to wait what the reviews say about the X in general to make my decision.

Maybe one more question: am I understanding your post correctly that the system itself, iOS, will decide that your extra Binder layout is not possible on the X and there is not really a way around this, if you work with the tools you have now?


A question for the users here:

If you use Scrivener iOS and you have a Plus sized phone: how often do you rely on that expanded view?

Thanks for any feedback

I use iPhone 7 plus and the Binder View makes the experience much better. I use Bluetooth keyboard and love the ability to cary my writings with me everywhere. I bought Plus with that in mind. Its a nice overview to see the binder, and the plus is like a mini ipad. Imagine you have lots of files and you have to figure out stuff about the files before writing further. The binder view makes it so much easier.

Im really dissapointed reading about iphone x. Didnt know. If you buy iphone with scrivener in mind, I wouldnt choose X if its true about Binder view and X.

Hi Skalden,

thanks for the reply. I actually went out and bought the 8plus last week. Very happy with my purchase.
I did it for a couple of reasons:

  • better battery
  • better Scrivener experience

Those were the main reasons.
Next to that there were a couple of other reasons:

  • cheaper
  • more proven in the sense that the X seems a bit beta-ish in the finish of the gestures, landscape mode and 3rd party apps.

I had very ‘unsexy’ reasons to get a new phone. My main reasons where: lots of storage, to be able to have a lot of local music again, and being able to work on my Scrivener projects on the phone.
It’s very cool to be able to work on my Scrivener projects on the go, adding pictures and pdf’s from safari on the go.
The screen makes me use my iPad a lot less. The battery is great, especially on 11.1 which is for me a more important reasons than a fancy new display.
The weight and size is a downside, but a compromise I was prepared to make. Even though the X seemed like the phone to get, after I thought about it long and hard, I found better reasons to pick the 8Plus than the X.
I’m sure this phone will get me trough the next 3-5 years (that’s how long I kept my 4S) admirably, I’m sure.

Congrat with new iPhone:) The plus is big, but its so worth it. I love writing at cafes, and its so handy to have your writing tool with you in your pocket. I wish corkboard worked for iphone plus. Maybe in a later update.

I actually didnt use scrivener for real before few months ago. I was so afraid of loosing my work importing it all into Scrivener. But I found out the best solution is to learn ios version first, and then the mac version. And now I see how much I can do in ios… Only when my writing is almost finnished I will learn more in MacOS. For now, all my work is done with only two tools; iphone plus and bluetooth keyboard. And it works so well! :slight_smile: And I love how well the document fit the screen with the zooming. Use pages for iphone plus and the difference is unbelievable. I think you will love your new iphone 8 plus :slight_smile:

I guess you have already bought a protection case for your 8 plus, but I want to tip you about a great one from Otterbox. The strada series. This one—-> otterbox.ie/en-ie/iphone-8-p … php16.html Its a little expensive, but its pure quality and works great together with a bluetooth keyboard. When I bought my 7 plus, I used a month to find the right protection case, tried out several types, and searched the net for hours. And ended up with Otterbox Strada :slight_smile: I would explain it much better in my main language, norwegian;D But check it out if you havent bought a case for your gorgeous new iphone yet.

Happy writing!

Hmmm… I use a 7+. As far as I can tell, there are no real world difference between the two as far as Apps and battery life are concerned (the camera features and wireless charging don’t have an effect on most apps).

I looked at an 8+ and an X … I stayed with the 7+.

Because of the X screen, I would expect Scrivener to look about the same in landscape mode but, till some of us actually try that, we won’t really know.

As for a case, I use the snap-on leather case from Apple on my 7+. It’s the same one the 8+ uses. I am handicapped and restricted to using my right hand only. I find the leather grip makes the large phone much easier to use one-handed. Although some cases are clearly superior at protecting the phone, those cases also make it bigger—no thank you. I’ve never broken the glass on a cell phone and I go back to when iPhones had glass backs the last time.


Well, I came from a 6 that didn’t have enough storage. So I needed to buy a new phone anyway. If I would have had a 7 or 7Plus with enough storage, I don’t think any of the new phones would compel me either.

BTW: I think Keith kind of confirmed earlier in this thread that Scrivener wouldn’t work on the X like it does on a Plus, in landscape. It has to do with how iOS handles the X in comparison with a Plus phone. Keith linked to the document of Apple, which was very interesting for me (I didn’t know about all of that compact and regular width things).

Anyhoo, very happy with my purchase. It’s another testament to what great software Scrivener is that it’s one of the biggest reasons in my purchase decisions of hardware.

I didn’t get that impression at all. I believe he just linked to a document showing relative screen sizes.

No reason to believe that Scrivener wouldn’t letterbox like any other app not optimized for the X. The work area should be just a little smaller, that’s all. Again, till someone reports, we won’t know for certain.

I got to play with a couple of Xs pre-release. I’d like one but I’m in no hurry as I want Apple to get the kinks worked out first. Being one-handed, I like the smaller form factor. I would have gone with the 7 but that camera requires two hands for full functionality (pinch-zoom) while the dual-lense system on the 7+, 8+ and X can be worked with my thumb while holding the phone. I have bent the ear of every iOS engineer I know on that issue including my son-in-law. Living 2 miles from the Cupertino mother ship, I know quite a few.

I take this to mean that Scrivener will NOT be showing the binder on the left in landscape mode on an iPhone X, based on the supposition that Keith has taught Scrivener iOS to only show the binder on devices that have “Regular width.” (Or perhaps that Apple forbid more than one view on a device with “Compact width,” and binder + document = 2 views.) Please correct me if I’m wrong, Keith!

Yes, partly as a response to mike, above, that was also my reasoning… Scrivener iOS will show the Binder on a system that has a regular width, and considering the fact that apps on the X don’t behalve like that, but with a compact width, I made the same ‘conclusion’.

Anyway, very happy with Scrivener on my iPhone 8 Plus.

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