I have lusted after an iPhone for a while now. I want it, but have not yet decided to get it. Can anyone share their opinions / experiences with the iPhone to help me decide?
I know, it’s a hype and all, but that doesn’t stop me to seriously look at it. I now carry around a phone, a palm and an ipod, the iPhone would mean carrying just one item.
Syncing my palm with my iCal has caused me many many headaches already. Somehow I end up with double appointments and then have to spend hours cleaning it (or trust that little ‘find and delete duplicate entires’ app I have and take a few minutes). I heard syncing the iPhone is a breeze.
I don’t really care about ‘push email’ but I would like to sync up some mail (say, with directions or phonenumbers) to the iPhone and take that along.
Also, syncing with OmniFocus looks really attractive… but does it work?
So, can I do these things? (I think so, but would like to hear experiences too)

I’m still open to good reasons why I shouldn’t get it, but so far, have not heard them :wink:



ps. Keith, I have absolutely NO intention of writing on the thing. I don’t do it now, and don’t see why I should start doing it just because I got a new phone. Writing requires either pen and paper or a proper keyboard.
And I promise that if I get it, I’ll change the sig :wink:

Hmm … I’ve always said to myself that I don’t want one … I want a phone to be a phone and have an iPod for my music. The most important thing apart from working as a phone is that it should iSync with my computer address book.

I lost my mobile at the end of July, so bought a new one … I’ve had Sony Ericsson’s for about 6 years and really got on well with them, so bought this one. The damned thing keeps re-booting itself … it did it four times in the middle of a conversation this evening, which is infuriating and embarrassing. So I’m thinking of taking it back and getting a new one. And yes, I’m thinking of getting an iPhone, because the other thing about modern mobiles is the buttons are getting smaller and smaller and closer and closer. That means with my difficult-to-control hands, I have real trouble with them. I think the iPhone might solve that!

A Chinese friend of mine currently in Beijing has one and absolutely loves it, but the downside of the situation here is that the new 3G one won’t work here in China (yet … I hope). So I’m in two minds. I’ll see … but I still think I’ll use it mostly as a phone. I want a phone that will sync with my address book, doesn’t keep crashing, and whose buttons I can push without a lot of hassle!


I’ve had an iPhone for over a year, now. My two sisters and one brother-in-law (we’re spread across the US) have had them for a little less time. We all think they’re the best phones we’ve ever had and the iPhone does much more, of course. The latest software update was a major improvement and, truthfully, I can’t find anything bad to say about it now. The phone works, sync works, web-browsing works, email works, and it’s all so gracefully simple with this interface . . .



Do you find it easy to ‘push buttons’?

One of my concerns is that it’s hard for me. I have arthritis in my hands which can get pretty bad, and it seems to me that I don’t necessarily have to push buttons on the iPhone just touch them. With my current phone I occasionally feel uncomfortable pushing the actual buttons (cause you really have to press them in). It’s not too bad, just annoying.




There are only three buttons that require physical pressure: the on/off button, the home button, and the volume button. You use the first two far more than the latter. The on/off button is positioned in a way so that you can curl your finger around it to depress it (a squeeze rather than a press). The home button requires a true press but you can easily use your thumb or a knuckle if need be. Everything else requires no pressure just a touch or a brush. The targets on the touchscreen are vastly larger than the typical phone, too, so you don’t need to be precise.


Tannie, that’s precisely why I am beginning to think of getting one. I have a marked tremor, and although I don’t have arthritis, my hands are somewhat clumsy and can often take on a life of their own. The tiny, close together buttons on recent phones exacerbates the situation, so that I get double presses where I only want one, causing all kinds of annoying results or sometimes making it extremely hard to actually get a button press. The iPhone – pace Keith, this is for practical reasons – is looking more and more attractive!


I bought my 2G iPhone last year when they first came out and I adore it. It’s not only a phone, it’s a miniature computer, and now with the addition of 3rd-party apps, it’s an amazing little device that I like having with me most of the time and reach for 10x more often than I would a regular phone.

The icons are easy to tap - they require no pressure because they are capacitive (meaning they use the body’s electical field to activate, much like a trackpad). The interface is now very customizeable so you can put icons where you find them most useful, including the four at the bottom, which remain constant no matter what ‘page’ you are on.

Not only can I check email and voice mail, but earlier this year the google maps + directions got me out of a major traffic tangle in a city I’d never been in before - and that was without the ‘real’ GPS the new phones have. There’s also all the iPod features as well - music, audio books, movies.

The apps are more useful than I’d thought they’d be. Now my iPhone is also an ebook reader (Fictionwise), a note taker (including voice notes) that automatically syncs with both ‘cloud’ and desktop versions (Evernote), and, of course, OmniFocus. Note that to sync, that last app requires a beta version of the regular OmniFocus app at the moment.

The only reason I don’t have a 3G iPhone is that AT&T hasn’t yet deigned to bring 3G to my area. :stuck_out_tongue: As soon as they do, I am sooo at the phone store. (Yeah, no Apple Store here either!)

Oh I love OmniFocus so much! I already use the beta because it allowed syncing to a webdav server (made it easier to keep OF both at work and at home in sync without having to use mobile-me). Does the syncing work well?

This reminds me, my favourite programs include Scrivener, OmniFocus and TextMate, so whenever I want to do something on my mac, my boyfriend (not a mac-fan, though he fixes hardware issues like a pro) gets a bit sarcastic and goes ‘Don’t you have a plugin for Scrivener for that?’.
He always picks the right program too, so despite his dislike of buying software he knows very well which software I bought for what.
Tonight he told me to put the plans for rebuilding my kitchen into OmniFocus, hehe :wink:

He doesn’t like the iPhone though.

I’d like the google-maps function I think. Once per month I get stuck somewhere and it’s pretty frustrating trying to find my way out without a map (or to have to rely on the paper maps in the car that usually don’t have enough detail or say that street x is in quadrant B, when it’s actually in E, ARGH)

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

I’m popping by the phone-store tomorrow to touch it :wink:


I think you need to talk to uncle bobueland! Hes bound to have something in his bag, thatll help you get your lusting under control. It must be terrible for you :open_mouth:
Take care