iPhoto and internet connection

I use iPhoto '09 (Version 8.1.2).

It’s high time to order this year’s christmas cards, and I’ve created a beautiful one … but when I click on “Buy card”, I only get the message “Connection cannot be established, check your network and make sure you are connected to the internet”.

Well, obviously I am connected to the internet, so my question: What’s going wrong? Did I miss some important changes? I’ve checked for updates, but iPhoto isn’t able to connect to its update server, either.

(I put this question in this forum because here are the folks that know everything.)

Any hints welcome! Thanks.

Have you tried going directly to the Mac store?

I’m not recommending it as a place to do business, but it may be a line into the update.

The latest version is 9.2.1; I have 9.1.5 which itself offers no access to an update. The only way I can get it, apparently, is to buy iLife, which I don’t want.

Good luck.


Meanwhile I have found the error mentioned on the Apple help website; it is said that it comes up when the clock of my computer isn’t set correctly.

:question: :question: :question:

Actually the clock of my iMac is set automatically by Apple’s atomic clock Europe. So this shouldn’t be an issue.

I found a telefone number I’ll call tomorrow. And if that fails, I will look for other printing services that are maybe willing to take the money I’d like to spend. :imp:

I found the error.

It was - as usual - between chair and screen.

I have recently installed Little Snitch!!!

It’s an very interesting application that makes you aware of how many applications want to “phone home” how often … but it had a rule set to disallow iPhoto to connect to the internet. And I didn’t think of that possibility, because normally, Little Snitch comes up with a big screen every time an application longs for internet connection to ask whether it should be allowed or not. But not when the rule is already set!

OK. Thanks for your answers. And now please bury this thread somewhere deep … :blush:

Bump. :smiling_imp:

I’ve heard of a few people getting burned by Little Snitch, but it’s also a good heads up more generally. Thanks for posting your solution.