iPod Touch/iPhone App

I’m wary of webapps like Jott because there’s an actual person doing the transcribing and I’m a bit paranoid about privacy.

One iPhone app that I just got is WriteRoom, made by the same person who does WriteRoom for Mac. I haven’t worked through it yet, but it appears that I’ll be able to write (short!) notes and such on my iPhone, then (manually via Bonjour and cut and paste) to my computer and then into Scrivener.

The manual bit looks a bit involved, but I think it will work ok until a new rev comes out with actual syncing. The iPhone to web interface isn’t secure, per se, but it just uses your own wifi so unless you’re working on an open unsecured wifi in a coffee shop, it should be fine.

Don’t know yet… off to try it out.

Edited to add: Just tried WriteRoom for iPhone and it is sweet! Right now, since it’s all manual, I can copy and paste right into Scrivener.

Is there any documentation about the file format in Scrivener? I see that the individual files are in RTF format, but they’re numbered according to no useful scheme. How could I know which RTFs map to which notes, programatically?

I think a third party developer (hi!) could make a desktop/iPhone bridge. I would use such a program- right now, I’m using Evernote to write on my iPhone and then copy/pasting it into Scrivener.

Keith -

I respect your reasoning and your integrity about why you even do this stuff. Still, I am putting in my vote for an iPhone/iTouch app. Maybe it’s the recent Obama win in the US, which is where I live, that has invigorated my enthusiasm to vote for the unlikely/impossible. And I know that my ‘vote’ will not convince you. But I do find myself at least half a dozen times each day wishing I could make a (syncable) note on Scrivener on my iPhone. Maybe this is simply a reflection of how central Scrivener has become in my work more than a real need for the app. But because Scrivener is such a wonderful creation tool, I feel that an iPhone app extension would be the most appropriate link between my momentary place/time insights and the continuous work I do in my office, on my computer, through Scrivener.

All the best,
Michael Moon

Have you seen this: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivnote-for-iphone-feedback-requested/4808/1]?
P.S. Welcome!