Is 2.8 slower than 2.7?

I am noticing a perceptible slowdown in loading the larger parts of my project with 2.8 than I did with 2.7. Is anyone else getting this or is this my problem? My larger parts do have lots of footnotes in them but they seemed to load much quicker under 2.7. Is this possible a side-effect of preparing the application for working with the IOS app?

I’ve noticed no differences at all for scientific papers, but i don’t use many footnotes at all (but do have massive Research folders)

There are no significant differences between 2.7 and 2.8 other than the changes for iOS, and the iOS changes do not affect anything unless you are reading a project that has been edited on iOS, so there is no reason that 2.8 would be slower than 2.7. My first guess would therefore be that this is coincidental rather than related to the update. There’s certainly nothing I’ve added to the code for loading normal projects that I can think would affect this.

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