Is a Scene holder same as a Document?

Being well into the first draft of my novel using the Novel template, I see that the Novel template uses folders for chapters and empty scenes…containers (?) within each folder.
When I started using Scrivener I just added one new document in my chapter folders with some chapters having multiple scenes within the one document. So, I don’t see those empty scene containers within new folders.

Now I see the organizational advantage to having scenes separated into discrete parts.
What is the best way to move my scenes into their own place now? Copy and paste each into a new document?
If I do that…is a Scene holder the same as a Document? Or…how can I get those scene holders?


Everything is the same as documents…
It doesn’t matter what you call the documents, it’s all basically the same thing - sections that can contain text or not and contain sub-sections or not. Some you can “convert” to folders, if you want to, but you could just as well convert them back to documents if you want to do that. It’s all just cosmetics to make it easier for you to see the difference between different parts when you write.

If you want to split documents in shorter pieces, use the Split command (ctrl-K if I remember correctly). You can split it up in as small pieces as you want.

Thank you, Lunk! Splitting the documents into separate my scenes sounds a fairly simple process.

Command-K is the shortcut
Menu: Documents -> Split -> At selection
… which splits it where the cursor is positioned.