Is Anyone Running Scrivener 3 for Windows on a Surface?

I am thinking about buying a Surface for travelling next year (all things Covid being well).

I know that people have successfully been running the Mac version on iPads for years, and am wondering what the experience of anyone here has been running Scrivener 3 for Windows on a Surface.

Thanks for any replies, comments and suggestions you might have.

Yes, but don’t expect touch to work. Maybe you can get it to scroll when you want, but probably not. Mac OS isn’t touch-enabled, nor is Windows. IOS is but it is a “light” version of the full Scrivener program. There have been some graphics-related gotchas as well, mostly when I was working with the Win beta versions, but those seem to have been ironed out - MS uses a special (proprietary) graphics setup for the display and zoom level. Otherwise, it is a perfectly running Windows that Scrivener works well on.

I stopped using the Surface because my eyes could no longer focus for long periods of time on the tiny screen. Also, my big hands never worked well with the touch screen. The stylus was better, but why not just use a mouse?

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As long as it is not an ARM based Surface it definitely will with the above comments on touch. The 32 bit version MAY run on Surface Go, you’d have to check. I have had the 64 bit version running on ARM64 on Mac running WinARM 64 10 and 11 under Parallels (But then Mac under Parallels runs Windows better than most Win machines - something to do with the guaranteed spec and not having to cater for endless permutations of HW.

Yes, I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows on both a desktop and Surface Pro 7 for several years. Prior to the SP7 I used it on a Surface Book. I ran the Windows 3 Beta on my Surface devices for about three years without a hitch and now run the release version. I’ve worked extensively in Scrivener on my Suface devices and it’s worked really well. And, as @Jestar pointed out, don’t expect touch to be useful. You can use the pen or your finger to do things like operate scroll bars, select and move words, pop up the context menu, and call up and use the onscreen keyboard, but it’s clunky. If you’re getting a Surface Pro, get the keyboard for sure. All that having been said, I have been super happy with the Surface devices and use mine with Scrivener frequently.


Hi Jestar,

This is very helpful information for me.

Thanks very much, RuffPub.

Thanks very much, TomGoodell.

It is a shame about the unreliability of the touch functionality, but using a mouse is no problem for me.