Is anyone using a text expander with the Windows Version?

Hello all,
As the subject says; Is anyone using a text expander with the Windows Version?
If so which one are you using?

Thanks for your input!

Hmmm… what is a text expander exactly?

It’s a program that expands shorted text to words to save keystrokes when typing.
Like this one

I remember looking for a windows text expander a few years back and couldn’t find anything even near approaching the functionality of the simple TextPlus app that I still use on my very aged Palm Treo. It was rather strange that there seemed to be nothing out there! I have moved back to mac now, so haven’t look of late.

You can set up little personal abbreviations that, when typed in, will expand out to a larger block of text. An example, I have an expansion that looks like this .lnl/. When I type that in, I get Seeing as how I would otherwise have to type in that URL 4,532 times a day, it saves me a lot of time. :slight_smile: Some of the more sophisticated versions of this can even insert variables, like the contents of your clipboard, the date/time, and position your cursor after the expansion. Generally these work everywhere; no matter where you type—in a URL field, an e-mail, Notepad, etc.

Well I guess, technically, I am.

I’m using the Windows version of Scrivener since it was released as a Beta and I’ve also been using PhraseExpress happily for several months, although I don’t recall actually needing to expand any text within Scrivener so far.