Is anyone using Scrivener for poetry manuscripting?

Doesn’t work on my Mac version - it used to, but there is some new default when you hit return it auto caps the new line. Really major shortcoming as I have 10 years of poems in this program. I just started using the 3.2 the past year, always used the older versions, which did not do this. Pretty much sucks having to hit command-z on every new line. Especially when some lines are three or four words.

There are two relevant options here:

In Scrivener, look at the Preferences → Corrections tab, and make sure the option to Fix capitalization is unchecked.

Then, in Mac OS, look at the Settings → Keyboard → Text Input pane, and make sure the corresponding option there is unchecked as well.

Also, the latest version of Scrivener is 3.3.1. You can download the update here: Download Scrivener | Literature & Latte

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The mac OS (Ventura) keyboard control fixed it. Thank you.