Is Beta Version Stable for Production?


I’ve known Scrivener for some time, but I never bought it because the windows version was much lower than the mac version.

Now that the version 3 for windows seems to be more real, I would like to buy a license, however I would like to start my project with the beta version since it has much more tools that the old version 1.

My question is if I start with the actual beta version there is any chance that I am now able to recover my project? I saw that the actual beta version will work until 31 of January and I am not sure what will happens after this date.

I understand that the beta version is for test only, but it seems to be far superior than the version 1 that I really would like to work with it.

Hi leandrorocha,

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You can’t buy a license for the Win v3 version yet, as it’s only in beta. If you want to buy a Win license now, you’ll need to buy a license for the latest Win v1.9.7, then use the beta version(s) until v3 is officially released for Windows, at which time you can upgrade to a v3 license for free. (Buying current Win version now will entitle you to a free upgrade when the Win v3 is officially released.)

After the current beta expires on Jan 31, L&L will continually release new beta versions, until Win v3 is officially released. Your beta project format should work fine with v3.

But to answer the question posed by the title of your post: “Is Beta Version Stable for Production?”.

First, the bad news: It’s a beta version, so by definition it is not stable for production. The program might crash unexpectedly, which may corrupt your project and may cause you to lose work. The program might introduce data errors into your files, which you may not notice at first. There might be less serious issues, such as a feature not working correctly, which may frustrate or limit what you can do in the beta.

Now the good news: While I do most of my work in 1.9.7, I have loaded the last two betas on my PC and found them to be remarkably stable and functional. I can only recall two unexpected program closures in the last beta, none in the current. Check the beta forum for the kinds of complaints people are having and to see a list of the features that are not currently working.

But it’s a beta. By definition, things might go wrong and you might lose work, so it comes down to how much risk you can afford to take.

Is writing your livelihood? Then you might want to wait. But if you are willing to risk losing what you are working on, then go for it. Many people are using the beta successfully.


I would not recommend using the Win Scrivener beta if it is your only version of Scrivener. In particular, the Compile function is not yet fully functional, so extracting your work from Scrivener is likely to be a fairly frustrating experience.