Is Compile Broken?

So recently when I go to compile my manuscript and I look at the preview I have noticed that the chapters are no longer separated. For instance, if the last page of Chapter One is only a half page, Chapter Two starts a line break later instead of a new page. I learned that if I create a custom compile, then a new chapter starts on a new page, but then I lose chapter labels.

I use the default setting because there are certain areas where I use a specific font, and don’t want to lose the formatting. This has happened when I use the Fiction>Novel template and the Fiction Novel W/ Parts template.

What can I do to fix this?

Have you done the tutorial?

Do you understand the relationship between section types of each of your folders and documents and the section layouts in the compile window? It sounds to me like either the section types are off, or you haven’t associated the right section layout with your chapter’s section types.

If not, the tutorial should give you a good understanding of how those things work together, and the various ways that section types can be assigned to each item in your binder.

I’ve already complete the first draft of a WiP that is currently being edited and that complied fine but now for some reason it doesn’t. I have not changed any settings between the MS it just now doesn’t seem to compile new chapters on a new page. I will look at the tutorial once again and try and fix it.