Is Dropbox enough?

Brand new to Scrivener today. I am having no trouble using Dropbox with Scrivener for access from both my Macs. But is that enough as far as keeping a copy of my work? Should I be concerned about not having a duplicate of my Dropbox files on my Mac also? Is there a way to have Dropbox duplicate the Scrivener folder on my Desktop also so that I have one copy on the cloud (for when there’s internet access) and one copy on my Mac (for when there’s no internet access)? Or is this just overkill? Thanks. Love the software.

Actually the really cool thing about Dropbox is that you do already have a copy on your Mac. It works by using an actual folder on your drive, and all of the files in that folder are really on your drive—they just so happened to be monitored, and any changes made on the server will be made to them and vice versa. If you lose your Internet connexion one day, ever file you had stored on Dropbox will be available to you, because it is just using your computer to keep itself up to date.

That aside, it is not a bad idea to have copies outside of this area. Say if you write a scene that a day later really doesn’t feel right, and you forgot to take a snapshot. If all of your computers are hooked up to this one file, they’ll all update to the version you don’t like. So it’s a good idea to make backups outside of this Dropbox folder as well. Luckily, by default, Scrivener 2.x already does this for you. Every time you quit or close, a backup gets made on your drive. Each computer you use will have its own set of backups. So with that, plus the Dropbox copy mirrored to all of your computers (not to mention Time Machine on any of them which are set up for it), you should be pretty safe.

I remember in version one there were some issues with saving whole project files via dropbox and using them on two different computers. Has that been sorted out in version 2.0? Thanks!

KB’s post from Friday in the sticky thread at the top of this sub-forum answers your question.