Is Everybody Ready?

NaNoWriMo start in a little over 24 hours (EST).
Are you geared up and ready to go? Got the pen/keyboard ready?
Did you remember to stock up on Hot Pockets and other microwave goods? :laughing:

Anyways, I’m not too ready. Still have quite a few things to finish before November should begin…
By the way, what are the chances of the next version of Scrivener coming out before NaNoWriMo begins? :mrgreen: :neutral_face:

The answer to your last question is 0%.

The answer to the first question is, I am so totally unprepared, and swamped with work, that I think I am going to have to give up before I have even started.

Maybe I will have my own private attempt in a different month.

Quitters! Don’t give up! Here’s a start to inspire you… from an imaginary novel about a Romanian gymnastics coach turned inspirational emailer who tries to get people to write bad novels about nonsense every November:

Anyway, I’m going to dive in. The only preparation I’ve done is to save a bunch of unrelated science/technology articles that will somehow figure in the story which will be based on the 1970 Brit TV series UFO. Paging Col. Straker! Oh, that and I bought an extra battery for my MBP, to use on a couple of cross-continental flights where I need to get a LOT of writing done in November…

Good luck all. Don’t quit yet!


Argh! 6,060 words going in on day two. I’m a prolix machine of blather! What am I doing here on the forum?

I have 3839 words after 2 writing sessions (one on nov 1, and one today) of 1.5 hours each.

Very satisfied even if today’s session took a bit of effort. I know where I want to go next, but had trouble getting there.

My MC then decided he knew what to do, so he had sex.


I’m pretty annoyed with him now, so now I have a beer and he can’t have any, haha!

It has already sucked me in…


I have five bug-fixes, and a word count of zero :S

I’m right (write?) with you Tannie: 3,835 words during day 2 (still just 10 pm here so will scratch out some more). Have been cheating, novelizating a lot of back story that people will know, if they ever saw the tv series this is based on.

And if I ever let them read it. Which I won’t.

Need to let the characters take over soon. The having-sex-twice-thing is pretty likely (for the characters, not for me). The beer too. (For the characters AND for me).


if you all keep talking about having sex like this you-know-who will show up and and start using his remaining three legs to run circles around looking for the juicy details. He has been a good boy lately so you shouldn’t be tempting him like this.


I didn’t solidify my story idea until today. 758 words, not bad. I can catch up.

So psyched! I’m finally keeping up on the word count (with some technical difficulties) but I LOVE scrivener for this.

What a great tool for capturing all of my scattered thoughts and ideas!

Last year the novel went no where. This year I have a sense of direction and it feels so good.

BTW, I just pulled a couple of suggestions off of the forum on word count, but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

This is my first time using Scrivener and I see the word count down at the bottom of each doc, but have been using a calculator to get the total. I know that’s wrong.

I have carefully checked and unchecked which docs really belong to the “manuscript” but I have failed to crack the code on how to get a total word count.

Here’s what I pulled off of the forum this morning, that I’ll try tonight:
"Another quick way to get the word count of a group of documents is to select them all in the Binder, and then just use the Project statistics (Cmd-Opt-Shift-S) "

"I could also greatly appreciate how easy it is to let Scrivener count all the words in several documents (by selecting them in the binder, and activating the Edit Scrivening mode). "

If anyone has clearer and simpler instructions for a frazzled nano-er I would gratefully appreciate it.

Write on!

m-d, hiya,
Welcome aboard The Good Ship Scrivener. :slight_smile:
Judging by the content of the previous few post, and, assuming you are of the same ilk, you had best find yourself an efficient, ‘Bonkometre’.

We`re drowning in turpitude! :open_mouth: What ever happened to modesty and chastity. :frowning:
Take care

Third NaNo for me, but the first using Scrivener. Me likes!

But somehow, I’m not as “fast” as I used to be. About 5,000 words in four days … Ouch. In 2006, I wrote as much a day. :smiley:

Blather on!