Is Grammarly working on your Scrivener?

Grammarly stopped working on my Scrivener for about 4/5 days. I posted on the FB group and learned I’m not the only one. Does anyone know what the issue is and how to solve the problem?

*Everything is updated.
*Shut down and turned on the MacBook again.

It is working in MS Word and other apps but not Scriverner.

A wild guess, but one issue could be that it is a Ukrainian company and that the war may have somehow affected its operations.

Working here with the Mac Grammarly desktop app.

It’s not working for me on my Mac either. Doubly frustrating because Scrivener’s built-in spell checker has also died!

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Exactly! I’m writing blindly on Scrivener. It will make editing time even worse later.

Other users report that Grammarly says they have ended Scrivener support. No explanation given.

Nothing has changed on our side, so you’ll need to contact them for guidance.

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