Is importing from Word worth it?

I am a Scrivener user and an expert Word user. I use Scrivener for my own writing because of all the nifty features. My friend has seven writing projects, all of which she currently has in Word. She just figured out that she has to put those projects into manuscript form before submitting them. Each chapter for each project is in a different file (of course ) and they are full length books.
Question is: Would it be worth it to import the different projects into Scrivener and use compile, etc., to get these monsters under control?

Any ideas here will be appreciated. Thanks!

The definitive answer: It depends.

If she’s comfortable with learning new things, digging into various settings, and generally isn’t the type who has to read the entire manual on a new piece of software before she’s ready to do anything at all in it… then she’ll probably be okay.

Also, if she’s not really particular about the formatting of her text, and doesn’t have a lot of block quotes or other special formatting needs (which would require a careful read and application of “preserve formatting” at a minimum).

I’d suggest she run through the Interactive tutorial (maybe through the Quick Start collection). If after that, she’s feeling comfortable with the software, then yeah; She could create a new project from the Novel or Novel with Parts template, drag all the chapter documents into the binder, and go wild. If she gets stuck at that stage, then she shouldn’t bother with the other books, and instead merge the chapter files into one document in Word, where she’s more comfortable, and start applying styles so she can re-format everything to match submission guidelines without modifying the font everywhere.

The big downside to approaching Scrivener after you’re done with the first few drafts is that you’re experiencing all of the learning curve at once, trying to import and arrange things, then immediately start working on the Compile feature, which is pretty complex/powerful itself, aside from the rest of Scrivener.