Is is possible to copy keywords from one document to another?

Is this possible and I’m missing something or can you only add Keywords from the Project Keywords window?

I’ve tried dragging and dropping single & multiple keywords, from the Inspector section of a file but it doesn’t seem to work. Dropping onto a file in the other pane of a split editor adds the text of the keywords inside the body of the document itself and dropping onto the file in the Binder adds a new child document, again with the text in the body.

Open keyword panel on one project and then open panel on another project and drag one or multiple keywords from one project to another

Sorry, I mean within a single project.

2023-02-03 12_32_23-Window



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If you select multiple documents in the outliner view, it adds the keyword to all of them at once. :wink:



(But it only works when displaying the content of a parent file/folder. Not for a binder multiple selection.)
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I don’t know any other way.
Hopefully that’ll be convenient enough for you.

Thanks @Vincent_Vincent. I’m aware I can add keywords from the Project pane to multiple documents at once. I successfully added a POV keyword from a search collection using the corkboard view.

But I really wanted to be able to copy an existing (largish) list of keywords from one file to another. My messy brain doesn’t always remember to select multiple files first time around.


It works from the quick reference window. !!

QR to main interface/inspector.


Indeed it does!

Yay! Thank you! :+1:

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