Is it just me? "Toggle Highlighter" clickety-click fest...

So - curious to hear if anyone else experiences the same, in a lame attempt to confirm whether or not:

a.) I’m a bit weird;
b.) I have too much time on my hands;
c.) I clearly sweat the small things too much; or
d.) I might have a bit of a point…

1.) I have set my “text selection” colour to something just east of fuschia.
2.) I want to highlight some piece of text, so as to remind myself to come back to it later.
3.) I select the text - it turns fuschia on me.
4.) I click on the “toggle highlighter” button over in my toolbar - you know, to change the colour of the text to that highlighted colour currently selected [electric blue] and…
5.) I’m suddenly not sure whether I actually clicked it, since I did it quite quickly, and maybe I missed the tiny-little-target button mainly because my selected text remained that pretty fuschia colour >> in other words, I had no visual clue as to whether I have now (in fact) changed my selected text to that nice electric blue…
6.) So - depending on my OCD levels that morning - I might just make sure, and click the “toggle highlighter” button again, because I’m pretty sure I missed it the first time.
7.) Deselect the text, only to find - that nothing has changed >> which means, I had hit it the 1st time, and hitting it the second time, de-selected the electric blue, returning it to its former state…

And of course, the same applies when I want to change already-highlighted text back to its original state (i.e. no highlighting at all)…

1.) I select the electric blue text, it changes to fuschia.
2.) I try and hit the “toggle highlighting” icon - but with nothing changing visually in my current selection, I have no way of knowing whether or not I have effected the change.
3.) This time however, I’m confident I did hit the toggle button properly, so with a flurry, I select text elsewhere, releasing my fuschia hold over my text >> only to see that I missed that darn toggle button, and my text is still electric blue… 8)

Anyone else struggle with this?

Would a possible solution to this be some sort of visual cue, to confirm whether or not the selected text has had some change effected to it, through the toggling of the highlighter?

In other words, if I select already-highlighted text, that the selector-area is (possibly) greyed-through, or something… Toggling the highlighter, then sees the selector-are become clear (as it currently is), and vice-versa: selecting ‘clean’ text sees a ‘clean’ selector-area, toggling the highlighter (i.e. highlighting the underlying text) sees the clear selector area become greyed-through?

Does any of the above make sense?
Am I missing something blindingly obvious that could assist with some sort of visual cue already?

Would appreciate any and all suggestions!