Is It Just Me?

I’m new to Scrivner, trying it out to see if I’ll like it for writing. However, as I worked through the tutorial, I came across the paragraph on highlighting “Pretty straightforward, this one—it’s available in the toolbar, too. Choose from several standard highlighter pen colours to highlight your text. (Note that to change the highlighter pen colour via the toolbar, click and hold the Highlight toolbar icon for a second.)”

I downloaded version 1.11 for the trial, but I don’t find a highlighter on the toolbar. Am I looking in the wrong place? I’ve looked all over and can’t find it. I found Highlight in the Text menu OK, but where is it on the toolbar???


If it is not yet in your toolbar, you may use Scrivener’s Menue Bar -> View -> Customize Toolbar (you find it at the bootom of the window). From there drag the Hihglight-item into you toolbar and click ‘Done’.

I’m using Scrivener 1.12 beta, maybe this item was not yet available in 1.11. If so, you find 1.12 Beta, which is very stable, for download here:


Thanks Ursula …

I didn’t mention it, but that works in 1.11, but what I was pointing out wasn’t that I couldn’t do the highlighting, it was that the Tutorial SAID it was already there and it wasn’t. Was the tutorial written with a different release version? Is that why it didn’t show up on what I downloaded?

My point was simply that the EXPECTATION was created of something being there, but it wasn’t. It might have been an oversight, something I did wrong in setup, or something else. Because I’m so new to the software, I didn’t think of it as a bug, but rather as something I’d possibly done wrong.


This is odd; I’m using 1.11, and the highlight button is there, and as far as I know it’s always been there. And I know I didn’t put it there, since I never use it (which should probably make you suspicious about whether I really know that it’s always been there).

This is a mistake on my part, not yours (or anyone else’s). The highlight button used to be in the toolbar by default, but got dropped from the default toolbar set in version 1.10, I think. I missed that fact when I updated the tutorial, though. The tutorial needs updating for the next update anyway, so it will be corrected then. Apologies for the confusion.