Is it okay to use Scrivener on-screen formatting

I was considering using fonts, highlights, annotations for on-screen formatting. Will these be reliably removed when I compile through multi-markdown?

Thanks – Sophie

Annotations, if you have specified for them to be exported, will be converted to SPAN blocks with matching RGB values in the MMD export. Also, footnotes will get turned into MMD footnote syntax. Otherwise, all other formatting is stripped out, making it possible to use Scrivener’s RTF features as a form of in-line meta-data. By example, I like to use size to expand and diminish sections of text to help accentuate problem areas from areas that are essentially done. A quick Convert to Default resets everything back to Optima 12 when done.

I guess you can do this, although I’m basically turning off all the Scrivener text options, chosing to write in pure MMD syntax. This seems to be the most dependable way of getting good output IMHO - especially as I’m converting MMD to LaTex.