Is it possible to add an identical field to every file?

I LOVE Scrivener and as I am currently writing a cookbook, it is making the process absolutely sane and dare I say, enjoyable. :slight_smile:

However, there’s one thing I would like to do that I’m not sure how to do:

Since I’m writing a cookbook, my publisher is requiring that each recipe be marked with certain descriptors: prep time, allergens, cost per serving, etc. I would LOVE if there was a way to have these fields associated with every single file and I would just fill them in. This would also allow me to look at a glance at each recipe and see what I’m missing - e.g. I forgot a prep time on one recipe and forgot to include the allergen information on another.

So, is this possible? I considered making labels for these, but those don’t appear as text in the compile, do they?

Thank you SO much for your help. I do appreciate it! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words! Glad Scrivener is making your cookbook-writing enjoyable. :slight_smile:

It is possible to compile the meta-data along with the document text, but at the moment this can’t be separated into individual components, so you’d end up getting everything–label, status, keywords, and modified and created dates. That might be a bit more than you want. What might work for you is to create a template file in the project binder that has these text labels, not filled out, either in your document itself or for the synopsis or document notes, if you’d rather keep it off to the side. (You can compile either of these along with the text, though you may not want to co-opt them for that if you’re already using them for an actual synopsis or other personal notes for your documents.) Then instead of using Project > New Text (or the toolbar icons) to create a new document, use Ctrl+D to duplicate that template and drag the copy to where you need it. (We do have plans to simplify this in the future with a New from Template option, so the process will be more akin to just creating a new blank document.)

I’d suggest making a whole stack of empty copies up in your Draft folder so you don’t have to be duplicating regularly while you’re working; you can make a bunch, use them, create another batch, use them, etc. and then just delete or remove from the Draft folder any extra that you don’t need once you’ve finished your cookbook.

If you use any kind of text expander program, you could also set up a quick expansion for this so that you’d only need to type a few letters to get your whole list of fields. You’d have to remember to do that for each document, but once you developed the habit it would be simple and speedy without requiring any other prep work.

Oh, sweet!!! Thank you! I’ll definitely try that.

Since I’ve already created all of my files, I may have to play around with it a bit, but that sounds very hopeful. Thank you!!!

If the files are already in place, then maybe you just want to run through them all and paste the text at the top or bottom of each? The Alt+Shift+Up/Down keyboard shortcuts for jumping to the previous and next document in the binder might help with this so you can stay focused in the editor and just Ctrl+V to paste, Alt+Shift+Down to go to the next document, potentially Page Up/Home as needed (or Page Down/End) to get to the correct pasting location, repeat.

Ah ha! Yes! That’s a great idea.

So far both tips you have given me are working very well. Thank you! :smiley: