Is it Possible to Automate Compiler for Different Scenarios

If you publish a story to different publishers is there a way to configure the Compiler to make all the necessary changes? If you have a set of front matter and back matter for multiple publishers, is there a way to configure the compiler to select the appropriate set of front matter and back matter files as a single option to eliminate accidentally forgetting or including a file meant for one publisher in another publisher’s compiled project?

I don’t have time to try this myself, but I’m reasonably sure that you can narrow it down to one step when changing which documents are to be included during compile. You make a keyword for every “audience” and apply it to all relevant files, including your main writing project. Then you create one search-based collection per audience keyword. During compile, you filter to include only those documents that have they appropriate keyword applied.

Like I said, it haven’t tested that with front matter, but it should work okay. Obviously, this doesn’t affect other compile settings (margins, font choice, etc…), but it can help prevent you from mistakenly including documents that are specific to a given recipient.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks rDale,

I’ll give that a try. I wasn’t sure if other people had this question or not, but thought it would be nice if you could setup the fore and back matter to be linked to a single switch for the desired destination.