Is it possible to change the selection/highlight color around a note?


Is it possible to change the default blue color around a selected note to another color?

Absolutely, File>Options and go to New Note
see pic and choose what you want and hit ok and every new note will appear that way.

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My attempt to clarify:
Even if I use borders or change other aspects of a note’s appearance, there’s always a blue selection color.

I am sorry , I thought you meant border of note once created. I have no idea on that.

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The selection halo colour is an element of the user interface, not a configuration option. We would probably have to open up Scapple to themes to make such changes possible, and that is a layer of complexity we don’t have any plans for at this time.

What we could potentially do is look up the Windows highlight colour, what you see in File Explorer on selected files, and use that.I don’t know if it is technically possible to do that however.

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Okay, thanks for confirming.
I think it would be nice if it did match the windows highlight color (which I’ve changed to white) but I understand this would be a bottom of the wishlist sort of thing.