Is it possible to change what the white bar on the top shows?

Hi there!
I’d like to change what the white bar at the very top of Scrivener shows, the one that’s very present if you have different projects open and hover over them to choose the one you want to click on. That’s exactly the feature I’d like to change the bar for because I have more than one Scrivener project open at the time very often and switch frequently between them but at the moment it’s very difficult to see which window is which project as the white bar shows the whole file path. Or would like to show it but as it’s too long it shortens it with three points. This way I can’t see the title of the project (only the beginning of the file path which is the same for all my projects) and need to hover again over every project so that it shows on the screen until I find the right one. Of course I can switch between projects using the window-option but that’s not helpful when I also need to use stuff in my browser.
So over all the situation is a bit annoying for me, that’s why I wanted to ask if it’s possible to change what the white bar shows so that it only shows the title of the project? I think it did that in Scrivener 1, didn’t it? At least I only noticed the problem now when I upgraded.
Thanks to everyone answering!

There is already an option to only show the project name by itself, rather than the full path: it is in the Appearance: General Interface settings tab, at the very top: Show full project path in the title bar.

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Thank you very much!