Is it possible to change you username?

I checked over this forum regarding this query but couldn’t find an answer, so I’m posting my question.

Is it possible to change you username?

If not, can you delete your profile and rejoin?


Do you mean how the software picks up your name and inserts it into templates when you make them, or when you create a comment? If so, it is using your Mac’s contact card, you can get to it using the Card/Go to My Card menu command from within the Contacts software. If you mean the name that the software is registered to, then no there is not a way of changing that. It is as much a part of your key to unlock the software as the serial number itself.

I think what penhare meant is how do you change the username used here, the forum, which is my question, too. I tried “User Control Panel - Edit account settings”, but there’s no editable box for username,

There is no way to change your username at will. But if you have a strong reason to change it (legal, personal, privacy etc.) then send me a PM.