Is it possible to collect and print document notes?

Distributed my novel chapters to various people and collated their feedback into the document notes page for each chapter by simple copy and pasting. Now I want to review the comments in one place and print them out for easier editing of the chapter.

Didn’t use insert comments as they required too much work at the time (find error, insert comment, copy & paste reader comment, repeat). Preferred to wait until all reviews were in to do the edits.

Thought I’d ask here first to see if I’m missing something before I manually repeat the copy and pasting of them into a single doc to use for review/editing. Is it possible to collate and possible print out just the document notes associated with each chapter?



Just use Compile, and in the “Formatting” pane, choose only to include the notes for each document type (and maybe the document title, so that you know which document each note refers to).

If all the notes are in the Draft folder, that should be straightforward. If not, you may need to set up a Collection with all the documents you want to print inside it, and then choose that from the “Contents” pane of Compile.

Hope that helps.

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I think you probably need to do the following:

File > Compile… > All Options, then select 'Formatting" in the sidebar.

There you will see a representation of the structure of your document, broken down into ‘levels’ – the three different icons represent Folders, Document Groups and Documents. Depending on your structure, there will be a least one of each, but there may be more.

Against each level there are five checkboxes, one of which represents ‘Notes’. Ticking this will print out whatever is in the Document Notes field for all documents of that type and level. (NB the word ‘Document’ is slightly confusing here – the Inspector has Document Notes for Folders, Document Groups and Documents!)

If you want to see just the titles and the notes, tick those boxes and untick Text – or any combination that suits you of course.

That’s it… but you may need to experiment a bit to get the exact combination of text, notes and titles you want. You don’t have to waste paper doing this if you choose “Print” as the Compile option and then “Open PDF in Preview” in the subsequent dialogue box.)

Hope that gives you enough to go on, but come back and ask if you need more…


That did it. Exactly the answer I needed.

Somehow missed seeing the Notes column when clicking through the various panels included in the Compile window. I guess I don’t equate including chapter notes as “formatting” but considered it more likely to be something I might find under Contents.

Further investigation shows that the v2.2 manual only mentions those columns under the 23.8 Formatting section in the Formatting Editor bullet item, and then only generically. Might I suggest adding some additional information here that describes more specifically what enabling each column would include.

Thx for the quick response.