Is it possible to combine search with directory location?

Is it possible to find every scrivenings with the label “good” in the directory “foo”? (Hoisting the binder doesn’t help.)

Is it possible to use the label like a filter so that I could navigate my directory structure and only see scrivenings with the label “good”?

Yes, select the directory you wish to focus on, and then run your label search. Now use the magnifying glass icon to switch the search options to “Search Binder Selection Only”.

Unfortunately these cannot be saved into tabs, however, since the selection bit may no longer be applicable in the future. If all you want to contain the search by is Draft though, then you can select that option and it will save into a tab for future use.

There aren’t any features which modify the Binder contents like that. It would result in a very subtle presentation which could end up being confusing. The stark differences between a search result list (alternating rows; columns; flat list) and the Binder, help reinforce the concept that you aren’t looking at your entire project any more.

You can of course save a label search to a collection tab; but again it will be acquire the look & feel of a search result list, and so you’ll lose hierarchy. Opt-Cmd-R can come in useful here. Usually one has a pretty good “map” of item names in their head since they made them all up and have been working with them intimately for a while—but if something does elude you, that command will snap back to the Binder and show you right where it is with a highlight bar.

Thank you for the detailed reply. I’ve been trying to see if there’s a way I can use the compile option to get what I’d like.

Is it possible using Compile to filter on more than one label? e.g. Can I have it include items labelled both “good” and “great”?

Yes, but indirectly. You’d want to create a normal Collection, search for “Good”, drag all of the results to your collection; then search for “Great” and repeat. Now use the Collection as your inclusion filter in the compile settings.

This way, if you are doing different criteria based compiles on a frequent basis, and it isn’t important to save Good+Great for later (you’ll probably never use it again), you can just keep re-using this collection; clearing it out and adding new bunches of files to it as needed.