Is it possible to create a custom keyboard shortcut?

I like to use text-to-speech to catch all sorts of problems in my manuscript. I’m glad Scrivener has this option, but scrolling down the menu every time to start and stop is not convenient. Is it possible to create a shortcut?

If there is a uniquely named menu item, either in Scrivener itself, or in all applications, you can make a keyboard shortcut using the following guide: … -shortcuts

Edit: oops, that was just a list of the shortcuts, which is handy to avoid duplicating one of them. There’s a link at the top of that page, which will go to the actual custom keyboard shortcuts guide: … er-for-mac

Ah, thanks. I tried this before but couldn’t make it work because I didn’t know to enter only “Start Speaking” (without quotation marks) into the Menu Title field. Thanks! :smiley:

Is there any kind of work-around to make a custom keyboard shortcut for a not-uniquely-named menu item? Specifically, I am trying to make keyboard shortcuts to go to superscript (which works fine, since Superscript is unique) and return to normal text (which doesn’t, because Use Default is a menu item in several places). Thanks!