Is it possible to create multiple documents from a list?

I’m new to Scrivener and I’m enjoying the experience so far. Apologies in advance if this answered elsewhere; I searched and looked through the manual.

What I’m wondering is: is there a way to start with a list in a single document (like an outline, but not a scrivener outline) and make that list into a bunch of appropriately titled scrivener documents?

For example, if already have a list that represents the structure I want for something I’m writing, and it has 25 parts, do I need to actually go “new document” and then “rename” and then type the section title for each of the 25 parts, or is there a way I can tell scrivener to generate parts from my table of contents?

Thanks in advance.

There’s at least two ways to do this… manually splitting the list within Scrivener or prepping the list a bit outside of Scrivener and then having Scrivener automatically split/title the list as it imports it…


  • Create a first document, in the binder, containing the list, perhaps via import, drag in via mouse or copy/paste from external list file.
    Suppose it looks like this.
    Item A
    Item B
    Item C
    Item D

  • In that first document, select the item/title where you want the first split to occur. Example… select “Item B”.
    Then right click and select “Split with Selection as Title”.
    That will create the first file split, with the new second file now titled “Item B” and containing items B,C,D.

  • In that newly split off document, select the next item/title where you want the split to occur. Right click and split with selection as title.

  • Repeat, till all desired splits are done.

  • You may need to back and clean up the title of the first document.


  • In the original list, outside of Scrivener, edit the list, adding split indicators ("#" character on a line by itself) between the existing lines. Example, edit the list discussed above so that it now looks like this. In Word, you might be able to do this with a global find/replace all, replacing ^p with ^p#^p. In that case, remove the final split indicator (last line), else will wind up with an extra split file in Scrivener.
    Item A

Item B

Item C

Item D

  • In Scrivener, click on a folder (can be high level Manuscript folder if wish), right click, do File > Import > Import and Split,
    select the list file you just prepared, click OK.
    The list will appear in Scrivener, as a set of properly split and titled documents.

You can customize what you use for the split indicator.