Is it possible to exclude inline annotations from the word count in the status bar?

Is there really no way to exclude inline comments from the character counts in the status bar? (I use the 3.2. Mac version of scrivener)

As I rely on the status bar a lot to see how I progress on my daily session targets, this would be great. I use inline comments quite a lot and don’t want them to be added to the statusbar as this makes the daily session count less helpful.

Sorry, no, this isn’t possible. Inline notes (both annotations and footnotes) are distinguished only by their formatting. Scrivener can’t tell that you want to exclude them until you run the Compile command.

It is possible to exclude Inspector Comments and Footnotes, though.


Thanks for the answer. It would be great if Scrivener could change that, I’m certainly not the only one to use inline annotations a lot as they fit perfectly into my writing workflow.