Is it possible to exclude inline annotations from the word count in the Windows beta?

If it isn’t possible to exclude inline annotations from the word count in the Windows beta, how hard would that be to make an option?

This thread may or maybe not help

Hrmm. I have the Include comments and annotations UNCHECKED, but it is still counting the annotations. I don’t use comments (perhaps I’ll find a reason to someday), so I have no idea if this is a bug there as well.

Same here–I just popped into the forum to see if this issue had already been reported, or if I was doing something wrong.

Clicking on the word count at the bottom of a document’s window brings up the “Include footnotes” / “Include comments and annotations” options, but checking and unchecking these seems to make no difference.

Project > Statistics works better. Open that up, check “Exclude comments and annotations” in the Options tab, and you get a more accurate word count in the “Selected Documents” tab. However, it still seems to have no effect on the word count in the “Compiled” tab there.

I’m using RC 11.

“Include footnotes” and “Include comments and annotations” influence the counts in the popup and not in the statusbar. They are also displayed in a tooltip when you move the cursor over the statusbar text count label. In my tests the popup counts change accordingly with the state of the checkboxes. Let me know, if you experience something different.

I am not sure how I feel about this choice, though my gut feeling is I would definitely prefer some way to tell Scrivener I never want to count comments and annotations, Some way that is obeyed, no less. (Picky of me, I know.)

It sounds like some bit of extra coding, but in the realm of possibility, but perhaps I misjudge the complexity of the situation.

Oohh, didn’t know that. The popups are working fine.

Is there really no way to exclude inline comments from the char counts in the status bar? (I use the 3.2. Mac version of scrivener)

As I rely on the status bar a lot to see how I progress on my daily session targets, this would be great. I use inline comments quite a lot and don’t want them to be added to the statusbar as this makes the daily session count less helpful.