Is it possible to export higlighted text?

Is it possible to export (or extract using Edit Scrivenings) only the highlighted text from documents?

(I’m using Scrivener to analyze other peoples e-books (which I import and dissect in Scrivener) and I highlight with different colors certain aspects of the text of a book. So it would be useful to extract those aspects.)

I made a macro with iKey and I could export all the highlights to a TextEdit document. However if there is a function for this built-in inside Scrivener I would prefer it.

I am afraid that there is no way of doing this at the moment with highlighted text. However, if instead of using “highlight” you use “annotate” - that is, if you turn the selected portions into annotations (which will turn the text red or whatever colour you choose instead of making the background yellow), in the new beta (available in the Beta Testing forum), you can choose File > Export > Annotations… This should do exactly what you want.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, it is helpful although I would have preferred highhilghts. When I’m for instance reading a tutorial I mark all actions in green and all concepts in yellow and everything I do not understand in pink and so on. Now if I want to have a list of all actions I’m supposed to do, I would export all yellow highlights. If I wanted a list of everything I didn’t understand are found confusing, I would export all pink highlights. Since there is just one kind of annotation it’s hard to do this in an easy manner. But I’m maybe the only one who would find such a feature useful. If so than iKey (or AppleScript ) could do the job.