Is it possible to get a better highlight of footnotes in the "Inspector" ?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to set a better frame color for “selected” footnote, let me explain in two pictures :

[attachment=1][Scrivener] highlited footnotes - 1.png[/attachment][attachment=0][Scrivener] highlited footnotes - 2.png[/attachment]

As you can see, I find it great to be able to click on a note in the Inspector, but when I click on the “annotated text” in the document I can’t figure out what is the note linked to it… and in larger documents with multiple notes, it becomes really hard to figure out what is connected to what by clicking on the text. Again, it’s easier when done the other way around and selecting the notes themselves in the “Inspector”.

Is there a clear way to highlight a bit more the connected note when clicking on the text in the editor ?



There’s not a way to do this directly in the sense of changing the colour, because what’s happening is that the footnote is being selected in the inspector but the inspector isn’t taking the focus away from the editor, so the selection colour is that sort of “inactive” grey rather than the system selection colour. However, if you’re having trouble spotting the selected note, clicking the “cf” footnote icon at the top of the inspector or using the Navigate > Inspect > Comments and Footnotes command shortcut ⌃⌥⌘K will move focus to the inspector and cause the selection border to take on the active selection colour, just like when you click the note in the inspector. (In the case of clicking the icon, it will also select the text of the footnote, ready for editing.)

Another approach would be to use the popup note style instead of viewing the notes in the inspector. If you have the inspector closed or opened to a different pane (e.g. synopsis & notes rather than comments & footnotes) and Open comments in Inspector if possible is not selected in the Editing options of Scrivener > Preferences, clicking a footnote in the editor will open it individually in a little popup.
In this case, you’re not going to mix up which note is which, but you’re also not getting to view the note alongside the others, and longer notes will require scrolling in the popup, whereas the notes in the inspector simply stretch to the necessary size. If you haven’t played with the popups yet, though, it may be worth experimenting–maybe which you prefer depends on what stage of your writing you’re at.

Oh thank you for your answer and suggestions, even tough I’m struggling with the “cf” option you’re describing because clicking on cf at the top of the editor does generate a foot note and not particularly go through them.

When checking Notes and comments in Navigate - Inspector, it doesn’t seem to change anything or maybe I’ve a hard time spotting it ?

Thanks for the popup tip, I think I’ll go with it as it the most efficient way of going on for me right now.

Is there a way to make a suggestion about fixing this issue to the development team ? Even changing the grey frame to a more easy-spotting colour could change the day for those like me who keep the Inspector panel open.