Is it possible to get a .mobi file without using KindleGen?

I’ve just realized that the Terms of Service for KindleGen includes some language which seems to indicate that you can only use it if you sell your book through Amazon:
“Amazon developed and makes this Software available for the purpose of allowing publishers and authors to create Kindle Format Content for distribution through the Kindle store. You may also use the Software for noncommercial purposes (e.g. to format works to be distributed at no charge).”

I’d like to make things available in a .pdf/.epub/.mobi bundle from another website, that has an exclusivity clause, so I don’t want to sell a .mobi from Amazon. Is there a way to export from Scrivener into a .mobi that does not use KindleGen, even if it’s a roundabout way? I’ve been happily experimenting with .epub and .mobi files for the last week, and this is really throwing a spanner into my plans.

Thanks for any advice.

You could export as .epub and then use Calibre to convert that to .mobi format:

Calibre was creating .mobi files before Amazon bought the format and made it closed-source, so it doesn’t use Kindlegen. It should be fairly painless, too, once you have an .epub generated from Scrivener.

Hope that helps.

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