Is it possible to "go to" the previously open document?

Often, I am working in one document (of a novel manuscript) and I digress to create a note in another document. It would be useful in that case to have the ability to instantly tell Scrivener to open the previously open document. Is this possible? Similarly, upon opening Scrivener after shutdown, I would like to be able to immediately find and open the last document I was working on. Are these things possible without creating a specific bookmark or something like that? Ideal would be a “history” that lists the documents opened over a brief period of time.

File > Recent Projects > ? Or Apple > Recent Items > ?

The number of projects listed in the “Recent …” menus can be set globally in the preferences.


Mark - unfortunately, recent Projects lists doesn’t help my issue. I’m looking for “recently opened Documents” within a single project. Thanks for the reply, anyway.

It also may be worth noting that you can open as many projects as you want, at once. If you frequently find yourself jumping over to a project that you use to jot down general notes and ideas, maybe it would be best to leave that one open all of the time?

Then if you have an idea to jot down, you can get to it with ⌘` (backtick/tilde key).

Ioa -

Are you suggesting that it’s a good idea to split up a single work (say, a novel) into two Scrivener Projects, simply for the convenience of going back and forth? I don’t know about that: it seems like an awkward workaround. What do others think of that idea?


Given that, we might have a terminology misunderstanding with the above. It sounded like you meant you were opening a separate Scrivener project periodically to jot down notes, and were looking for a better way of doing that. If that is what you mean, then I think it would be easier to keep the project open.

But, of course, if you’re talking about jotting down notes in the project you are working on, then no, my advice would not ordinarily be to break the project up into multiple pieces—and especially not to make that one aspect easier, because Scrivener already has pretty powerful history function. :slight_smile:

The editor’s Header Bar is documented in detail in §8.1.1, pg. 139 (the conversation on History starts on page 141, but 139 has an annotated screenshot). Briefly, in addition the the buttons: ⌘[ and ⌘] go back and forward in history (just like in browsers), and also like most browsers, if you right-click on the button itself you’ll get a big list of all the things you’ve worked on recently, so you can jump straight to something a few steps back.

Okay - Problem solved: I had completely missed the Navigate / Editor / Forward|Backward in Document History !!!
This is precisely what I was looking for and somehow forgot it existed. Thank you SO MUCH!