Is it possible to have a categorory for characters?

I’ve just started using Scrivener (and 93% of the reason I bought a mac laptop was so I could use Scrivener in the first place) and absolutely love it. The notecards especially really make my day.

I do have a question though. Is it possible to create a separate category in the binder for listing characters? I haven’t noticed one there already and was pondering just using the research folder for it, but was wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions?

You can create a new folder on top level without a problem and drag it to where you like to have it - for example, on the first position. You are not restricted to the top level folders DRAFT, RESEARCH and TRASH: These are just “special folders” - only text in DRAFT can be exported, imported files will go to RESEARCH, and TRASH keeps everything you delete in other folders. Apart from this, you may create as many other folders - for characters, settings, writing diarys, whatever - as you like.

Oh brilliant! Thank you. :slight_smile: I can see I’m going to fall utterly in love with this software.