Is it possible to import .jrwr files (Jer's Novel Writer files) into Scrivener?

Prior to learning about Scrivener, I wrote a fair amount in Jer’s Novel Writer. Unfortunately, since it is no longer being developed, there is no way to export margin notes out of the program. I am wondering if it is at all possible to import the file into Scrivener in a way that preserves the margin notes as comments. I’m REALLY not looking forward to the idea of manually migrating all of my margin notes and am REALLY hoping there’s another option.

Thank you for your time!

What export options does Jer’s support? Both RTF and Word support margin comments, and Scrivener will preserve comments imported from both formats. But no, direct import from Jer’s is not supported.


While Jer’s does export to RTF and Word, it doesn’t look like the margin notes are exported as well, which is why I was hoping a direct import could work. Thank you for that information. I guess I’ll have to start transferring.