Is it possible to insert a Line?

Hey, I looked on the forums for this, and I perused all the Scrivener menus, but couldn’t find anything… I was wondering, is there someway to just insert a line that divides the entire document? Similar to just holding the “-” key, but obviously without having to do that.

A lot of times when I’m just brain storming or just mental vomiting on the page, I like to just keep a huge running list of stuff in one document, and then break apart the related sections just by inserting a line. Is this possible?

Well, the typical answer would be: this is an excellent way to use individual index cards. Scrivener makes it easy to create new documents and write small chunks of data into them, and then view them all later as a single document with Edit Scrivenings. One of the main philosophies behind Scrivener is to get away from the whole “long document that is really lots of smaller documents but since there is no way to do that, I’ll just dig in and live with it” mentality. :slight_smile:

But, if you must, I would recommend something along the lines of Typinator or TextExpander. Not only will these tools make it easy to insert a divider line, they can help you out with all kinds of “macro” style text expansions.

As Ioa says, for these I would just break apart the documents using cmd-K (split at selection). When you view them together, the sections will alternate in background colour, giving you the divide you need (and version 2.0, out later in the year, will use a horizontal line to divide sections like you are after).