Is it possible to insert images linked to file in the binder?

I have a folder with cover images that I refer to often, but with all of the images in the Scrivener file, the file itself is getting unwieldy. Right now, what I do is I drag the image from a web site directly into the right folder in the binder, then I rename it and add keywords to it. I’m wondering if I can put the images in a folder on my computer and link them within the binder in the same way. (Better still would be to convert the images I already have to links to images on my computer, without losing my keywords.) I would appreciate some help with this!

I don’t think there is anything you can do with the images already in the project but for anything new you could go to File>Import>Research Files as Aliases… This will put a link to the file into the Binder within the Research folder. It will still show the image and you can keyword etc as if the full file was in the project.