Is it possible to open a Documents folder from within Scrivener? [solved]

I have a folder in my windows documents folder than i want to be able to open from a folder inside Scrivener, doesnt appear to be an option to do so? i can open files this way that is elsewhere on my pc but not folders which is a bit of a shame. I have a folder full of images for research etc. I know i can import these into Scrivener but its just quicker when downloading images and info from the net to download it into one folder.

I was able to take a folder in Explorer and drag/drop it under the Research folder in a new Scrivener project with no trouble.

If the contents of your folder are other than text files (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt) and you’re trying to drag that folder into Draft, I think you can get into trouble that way. But I was able to drag and drop single files, multiple files, and even entire folders of PDFs, PowerPoint, etc. into the Research folder.

If you right click on the Research folder (or child folder) and select Add, Files, you are presented with a file picker that lets you multi-select files in normal Windows fashion.

Are these options sufficient, or is there some requirement you have they don’t meet?

Devin for your reply. Yeah i notice i could drag a folder to a folder in Scrivener, most of things i have in the folder in documents is just images i grabbed from the net for reference purposes and thought it would be easier to just be able to click on a hyperlink that opened a folder. I have a mindmap program that can do that and its very handy. Its a pity this option isn’t in Scrivener, it wouldn’t of been hard to add.

I might see if a hyperlink could work instead of using an isp address i will try using a file path instead, but unlikely will work if it hasn’t been programmed to do this from the start.

Doesn’t the Win version have Scrivener links?
If you look in the manual I think you’ll find everything you need.

I worked it out.

I created a new text and then wrote something like My Reference Folder then highlighted it and went up to Edit at the top and choose LINK (not Scrivener link) then i checked ‘No Prefix’ and entered the folder address (easy way open properties for folder and copy path there) and pasted it in as the link path. This then made the words My Reference Folder a hyperlink. Clicking on this once opens the folder. Which is exactly what i wanted to be able to do.

Actually you don’t even need to write text for a hyer-link, right-clicking inside the text note and choosing link, it will paste the folder path and hyperlink it. The other method i first mentioned is another way to customize name of hyperlink.

I would of thought being the LINK option would of been in the right click menu for ease and user-friendliness, but no its hidden in the Edit menu. I would suggest to the Devs in future updates (if we will get any updates in the future) to add this to the right click menu.

Anyway im glad this is possible to do, makes things a lot easier.