Is it possible to open a Documents folder from within Scrivener?

Hello everyone,
I have a folder in my windows documents folder than i want to be able to open from a folder inside Scrivener, doesnt appear to be an option to do so? i can open files this way that is elsewhere on my pc but not folders which is a bit of a shame. I have a folder full of images for research etc. I know i can import these into Scrivener but its just quicker when downloading images and info from the net to download it into one folder.

Do you mean that you want to open the folder, browse through its contents, and perhaps select a file, all within Scrivener? No, I don’t think Scrivener (or any other text-creation type software) is set up for that. I find that I can place a link to a folder in a Scrivener document (using Ctrl+G, Ctrl+K, and the format file:///C:\Users[i]{username}[/i]\Documents\Folder1\Folder2; note the 3 slashes after file:). Clicking this link will open the folder in Windows Explorer, and of course from there I can drag files into Scrivener. But that’s about the extent of it.

Hello Lincon. Yes you can. Just shrink your scriv window down a bit so you can see the desktop. Get your document folder up and just drag whatever folder straight into research. I do it often. You can select files, photos ect directly from your folder. Ignore the post about making links. Not necessary.

Well, what Argoed describes of course is a way of importing the folder and all its files and subfolders, and their files, etc., into Scrivener. If that’s what Lincon wants to do, then yes, that would be the easy way to do it. But my impression was that Lincon wanted to access the folder structure as such within Scrivener, rather than importing all the files. Lincon, can you clarify?