Is It Possible To Point Scrivener to a Different Thesaurus?

I saw this question elsewhere on the forum, but it was not answered.

I have found the thesaurus at consistently lacking, and am wondering if there is a setting I can change to enable me to point Scrivener to a different thesaurus URL.

I have looked around, but cannot find a setting to either change the URL, or to download a different thesaurus (if that is even possible) - am I missing something?” is hard-coded into the Scrivener executable and I also have not found any reference to Thesaurus in any configuration file.


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Why not link to several thesaurus sites bookmark file and leave open as a window and can refer when needed

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AutoHotKey could give you this, in any number of ways.

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Thanks very much, Bclarke.

That is good to know, and disappointing that it apparently cannot be changed (by users).

Thanks, GoalieDad, that is one idea, but I think if I do not go the AutoHotKey route that Mad_Girl_Disease suggests elsewhere in this thread, I will probably just create folder containing various Thesaurus sites in the Chrome Bookmarks bar.

Thanks, Mad_Girl_Disease,
I have never used AutoHotKey, so will take a look at it.

If I decide it is unsuitable, I will probably just create a folder containing various Thesaurus sites in my Chrome Bookmarks bar.

Thanks again.