Is it possible to pop out a file into a second window?

I have two monitors and it would be supercool to have the main Scrivener interface in one monitor while a single document is visible in the other monitor. My monitors are two different sizes and resolutions so I can’t just stretch the interface to fill up both as the text becomes way too small on one of the monitors).

I’m going to guess this is not possible but asking in the off chance it is…

Main Menu, Navigate, Open Quick Reference, (navigate through your folder structure to the document you want on your second monitor).

The quick reference will open in the primary screen, but I successfully moved it to my second screen. In order to do this without snags, I have to turn off Windows snapping. (Windows Settings -> System -> Multitasking -> Snap).

So yes, it’s possible.

I also have two monitors, one at 1920x1080, the other at 1050x1680 (which I use for the reference window or whatever else is needed).