Is it possible to put images inline with text - kindle

I am wondering if it is possible to put an image inline with the text on pages within the manuscript that is compiled for Kindle (.mobi)? It appears that I can when pubbing to e-pub format, but the kindle .mobi file shows a black box where the image is placed.

I have saved the images out as a .png format. Don’t know if the file format is an issue when compiling into the .mobi format or not.

Anyone experience similar issues? Were you able to get around them?


That looks like a problem with the PNG file itself. Neither inline placement (technically, there is no difference between inline placement and an image occupying its own paragraph, at the HTML level—the only difference is whether or not there are alphabetical characters in the

element that contains the image code) nor the file format itself would inherently cause it to look like that. This appears to be more along the lines of a incorrectly applied alpha channel, or maybe a really outside-of-the-bell-curve PNG gamma setting, or something.

Is this result specific to a particular device or software? Does it show up in all of the display options for Kindle Previewer?

Turns out if I saved them out as a .jpg instead of a .png then the files rendered without incident. This despite numerous ways I played with the .pngs to get them to work (which they never did). Now will give it a try in epub and see if I get the same (or like) results.

Thanks for the feedback.