is it possible to remove limit on comment wrap width?

When viewing document notes in the Inspector, changing the width of the inspector causes the doc notes to word wrap. You can set the inspector at its minimum width, and doc notes just wrap at that width.

But with the inspector comments pane, the wrap width has a much wider minimum. Beyond a certain point—which is still pretty wide—the wrapping stops and a horizontal scroll bar appears, and the right-most text become invisible.

Is is possible to make the wrap behaviour of comments the same as document notes, so they wrap at whatever width the inspector is set to? At present I’m having to set the inspector wider than I want it to avoid this.


actually, I’m unsure whether this is intended behaviour. i notice that;

  • a new document’s comments pane can wrap down to the minimum inspector width

  • if I use the command Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style then the comment pane in an existing document sometimes regains that ability to wrap at the minimum inspector width

  • at some point in the course of adding new comments, or pasting text from the editor into the comments pane, a document’s comments will begin wrapping at different widths

a bug?