Is it possible to resize the Composition View window?

Unable to see the Composition View window in it’s entirety, unable to get to the task bar at the bottom. It opens full top to bottom of my laptop screen with no way to shorten/resize it. Suggestions?

That’s what it does. (To block out any distractions.)
You only have control on the paper width, position, and background fade.
In other words, no, it can’t be resized. It is a full screen mode.

Scrivener has a minimum display resolution requirement of 1024x768px. This might be causing the problem.

The combination of your display resolution and scaling % must result in an area of at least those dimensions.

You can find these under Windows Settings > System > Display > Scale and Layout.

Try changing your settings to meet the minimum display resolution to see if that helps.

If you provide your current settings, I’ll test on my PC to determine if I get the same results as you.


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Hi Jim Rac. Good info. My laptop display barely meets those requirements at 133x768. However, the problem is solved. I had reset my Windows task bar numerous times, couldn’t get it to “Automatically Hide”. Finally rebooted and all is well. I can see the entire Composition View window, including it’s control bar. Yay!

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Got it, now I’ve got the rest of the story too! :wink:
Thank you for commenting.