Is it possible to set default text for individual projects, not for all of Scrivener?

Context: I write fanfic for Ao3 and have some stuff on Kindle Unlimited, which have different standard expectations for formatting, Switching between the two manually every time has gotten pretty annoying and I’m fed up with it. I’d like to be able to set an origfic project so that every new document in that project will use normal publishing formatting, without also causing any new documents I create in my separate fanfic project to use that formatting too.

I did search the forums, but I can only find instructions for changing all-Scrivener defaults, which just gives me the same problem in photonegative: now I gotta manually reformat the OTHER half of my projects.

I’d really appreciate any help!

Unfortunately, this is only possible in the Beta, using the Project->Project Settings menu.

But you could use/create a compile setting for each kind of publishing output, so that it doesn’t matter how you format text inside Scrivener.