Is it possible to set different languages for different projects?

In Scrivener 1 you could only choose a dictionary for all Scrivener projects. So if you worked on different projects in different languages at the same time you always had to change the language after opening the project. Also when I did this Scrivener always had problems to use my personal word list until I closed and opened the project again.
That was quite impractical for me as I usually write in German but have a few things I work on in English and tend to jump in between my projects a lot.
I’d like to know if this changed in Scrivener 3? It didn’t seem so when I downloaded the german dictionary but maybe I overlooked something.
If it’s still the same in Scrivener 3 I’d like to suggest this topic for the next Scrivener version.
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

From my understanding of the previous discussion here on the forums, this has not changed in Scrivener 3. Although the spelling library used changed from 1.x to 3.x, it still has the same limitation.

Nope, we’re still stuck at one common language for all our writings (mine in English and Polish, so I have the same issue). ALSO all of them, when exported to Word, are marked as English, so on opening word starts to mark EVERYTHING as an error.
Language options are… not a strong part of Scrivener, I feel.

Okay, thank you both! Then we’ll set our hopes on Scrivener 4 (or 5?), I guess. :smiley: