Is it possible to set the alt attribute when using an image tag?

In Scrivener 3, according to 15.6.5 in the manual:

Is there any way to set the alt attribute when using this feature? If not, how might I link to an image file (instead of embedding it) and set the alt attribute?

I’m afraid there is no way of setting the alt attribute for images at all, given that it’s not a feature supported in images in the text system. (It’s currently only possible when using MultiMarkdown syntax for writing.)

In MMD and Pandoc markdown at least the syntax is as follows:

alt text

If a figure is on its own line, it becomes a fully marked up with like so:

❯ pandoc -t html
Some text.  

![My Caption](image.png "More text")   

More text.

<p>Some text.</p>
<img src="image.png" title="More text" alt="My Caption" /><figcaption>My Caption</figcaption>
<p>More text.</p>

Thanks to both of you! I see there’s no way to do it with tags but there is a workaround via MultiMarkdown.