Is it possible to share keywords across different projects?

In the true spirit of procrastination, I’ve spent some time taking my current project, and transferring it to a new project, using the standard Novel template. I’ve never really delved into auto numbering and styles, so this seemed a good way of tidying up my messy documents and learning how it works, starting from a clean point.

The process is now finished and I’m pleased with the results - everything is now consistently styled, it exports neatly and I much prefer the binder organisation. However…

My way of using the Keywords HUD is not really for keywords. I have filled it up with reminders about characters, locations, dates, etc - and I use it as a reminder when working in full screen mode.

Re-typing this into the Keywords HUD for my new, improved project, will be painful, so I’m wondering if there are any shortcuts. For example, can I export keywords and re-import them?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The best (and only!) way is to set up a new, blank project, enter all the keywords you want, and then save that project as a template (File > Save As Template…) so that you can create new projects from that template that will have the keywords set up as you want.