Is it possible to show headlines only?

Hello everybody,
in my book project I have five main chapters, and each chapter just contains one document with many short texts.
Each text has a headline.
If I format these headlines as headlines: is there a way to search for and show headlines only, to have an overview which short text is where?
I know I could format each short text as a document, but I don’t want to do that since the texts are not long enough.
Thanks for any helping answers

Formatting each one as a document would be much easier. That’s the way Scrivener is intended to work, and it would let you use the Outline view and all of Scrivener’s metadata.

Instead, you can use the Find by Formatting command to locate each header, but you’d need the Compile function to pull them out so that you can view them independently: it can’t be done in the Scrivener editor.


Hello Katherine,
thank you for your help.
I get your point. Maybe I will split up the short texts
EDIT - What about the collection funktion? Can I tell the collection: Find headlines only?

The Collection function acts on documents, not sections within documents. So you can use it to pull out all documents containing headlines – this is what the Find by Formatting command would do – but that’s it.

Note that Scrivener doesn’t care how long each individual document is. Single paragraphs or sentences are fine. There’s no reason why the Binder has to match the structure that readers will ultimately see.


Hello Katherine,
thank you for your answer. I followed your advice and split up the five long text documents into several short ones with one title for each, so I see them in the binder at a glance. And it allows me to re-arrange them just by d&d, if this might be necessary. Yes, it makes more sense, and you are right: this is what Scrivener was made for.
Best wishes